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Written by Vincent Sessa
Directed by Stewart Fisher

Rose Riccardi, Stage Manager
Andy Hall, Set Designer
Jason Kankel, Lighting Designer
Merek Royce Press, Sound Designer

Patricia E. Doherty, Costumes
Deede Ulanet, Properties


Lenny Bart
Barney Fitzpatrick
Ken Wiesinger
Liz Zazzi

Production Photos

"...a stunning production. Andy Hall has literally turned the theater on its side to accommodate his handsome boat. Director Stewart Fisher keeps his actors moving on it with precision. Liz Zazzi makes Piper an auburn-haired beauty who's the girl next door in an extraordinarily good neighborhood. She treats the men with the care and love of a superb elementary school teacher. Zazzi, who's distinguished herself in appearances at 12 Miles West Theatre Company in Montclair, is one of the state's better actresses. Lenny Bart's Gabriel is a first-rate first mate. Ken Wiesinger effectively conveys Ryan's nervous nature. Barney Fitzpatrick's Captain Lob is a skipper brave and sure on this two-hour tour."
-- Star Ledger