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written by Stan Lachow

directed by Mark Graham


John Lombardi and Susan G. Bob

Set Design by Andy Hall
Lighting Design by John Demous
Sound Design by Merek Royce Press
Costume Design by Patricia E. Doherty

Rose Riccardi, Stage Manager
Margo Pellmar, Assistant Stage Manager
Deede Ulanet, Properties








Previews July 12; Runs July 13 through August 5
Thursdays through Saturdays at 8pm, Sundays at 2pm
Tickets $25


Call 732-229-3166 or email to make a reservation

". . . Director Mark Graham keeps the action moving, and John Lombardi and Susan G. Bob are both marvelous in their roles. Lombardi, who's often been seen to good advantage at the Forum Theatre Company in Metuchen, is one of the state's best when asked to create a worry-wart. He furrows his brow so deeply that the lines in his forehead extend well back into his bald pate. He shows open-faced astonishment when Thelma commits yet another outrage of which she is blissfully unaware. And in a play where he must often injure himself or deal with a stuffed-up nose, Lombardi always comes through with high-flying hypochondriac qualities. Bob has a craggy, careworn face that lends itself well to this character. The show asks her to tinge her speech with a Brooklyn-ish accent ("Where's the fie-yuh?"), which she accompanies with the requisite shoulder shrug and outstretched palms. As well as she maneuvers through the comedic moments, she's able to swerve smoothly into the tender ones, too."
-- Star-Ledger, July 18, 2001

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