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Past Productions


Popcorn Falls The Rosenberg/Strange Fruit Project
The Shot Our Shrinking, Shrinking World
A Tailor Near Me  





The Promotion The Forest
The Pin-Up Girls: A Musical Love Letter The Hummingbirds
Eden Prairie: 1971  




Fire Escape Plays What Doesn't Kill You




Apple Season The Source
Surfing My DNA Voyager One
Memoirs of a Forgotten Man Some Like It Hot
Lily Bone on Bone



The Calling Wild Horses
Issei, He Say Five by Ferber
Mercy Fern Hill
When The Circus Comes To Town Wolf at the Door


The Jag Multiple Family Dwelling
Love Letters & Juliet
Halftime with Don F Theory
All About Eve Mutual Philanthropy


Substance of Bliss For Worse
Villainous Company Struck
Butler (NYC) Iago
Mad Love  


Swimming at the Ritz The M Spot
The Realization of Emily Linder Closure
Nobody's Girl The Seedbed


Admit One Date of a Lifetime
A View of the Mountains Butler
Lucky Me Dinner With The Boys
Angels and Ministers of Grace  


Esther's Moustache ANTS
Noir Happy
Saving Kitty Broomstick


Bakersfield Mist American Stare
Summer in Sanctuary Release Point
The Hound of the Baskervilles Annapurna


The Tangled Skirt Just in Time - The Judy Holliday Story
Puma Donna Orbits The Moon
Night Train Jericho


Exposure Time Sunlight
Yankee Tavern Character Assassins
The Housewives of Mannheim  


Sick The Rant
The Housewives of Mannheim Dead Ringer
Evie's Waltz Two Jews Walk Into A War


And Her Hair Went With Her Poetic License
Engaging Shaw Apple
Women Who Steal Cupid and Psyche
The Little Hours  


October 1962 Place Setting
tempOdyssey Bookends
Love and Murder Minstrel Show


Tour de Farce The Best Man
The Women of Lockerbie The Speed Queen
Exits and Entrances Don't Hug Me
Apostasy THEATRE BRUT: Sacrifice


Touch of Rapture A Child's Guide to Innocence
Beyond Gravity Klonsky and Schwartz
Ten Percent of Molly Snyder Tilt Angel
THEATRE BRUT: Seven Deadly Sins  


Circumference of a Squirrel Old Clown Wanted
Emil Whores
Lemonade THEATRE BRUT: My Rifle, My Pony and Me


Winterizing The Summer House Spain
The Color of Flesh The Good Daughter
The Adjustment  


The Laramie Project The Dead Boy
Till Morning Comes Panama
Slave Shack Maggie Rose
Tomorrow's Promise Big Boys

2000 - 2001

About Anne Eleemosynary
In Search of Red River Dog Immortal Interlude
Piaf in Vienna Harry and Thelma in the Woods
Raft of the Medusa Getting In Touch With My Inner Bitch
An Unhappy Woman Best Kept Secret
The Giant Princess Naked By The River

1999 - 2000

Ends Memoir
A World I Never Made The Play's The Thing
North Fork Adult Fiction
On Golden Pond Octet
Find Me A Voice The Girl With The High Rouge